Saturday, January 9, 2016

Henri Blanket Finale 2016

8th Jan 2016
Henri Blanket is finished!  Really happy I decided to go with this edging.

So simple to work too, once you  have crocheted your equal round of dc, you then start the 1dc 1ch combo which when using the two colours creates this lovely stripe.

I used the joining shade for the foundation round but wasn't very happy with the finish so decided early on that I would work a surface crochet chain round to disguise this.  I used the main blanket colour and the lovely zingy yellow, 'really pops'.

Above is the completed edge. Surface crochet to tidy up below.

Ta Da!.......Finally the finished blanket ready for Henry to snuggle, I am delighted with it and if cost effective and of interest should be producing a kit in the future.

Next project the Genevieve Gloves as published in Inside Crochet Issue 46, using up lots of Wool Cotton stash so again may produce another limited kit.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Henri Blanket 2016 Edging

3rd Jan 2016
Finally made a decision on the edging for the Henri Blanket neat and simple, worked with three colours.  The initial simple dc was worked round the blanket to form a even foundation, however it is not as tidy as I would like so I will be working a surface crochet slip stitch round to neaten up the join.

4th Jan 2016
See how it grows....also that messy join I was telling you about!  Progress,  hopefully I will finish this in a couple of days, then I can take a nice pic of the completed piece and deliver to baby Henry.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Henri Blanket 2016

2nd Jan 2016

2016 starts with good intentions, get my Henri blanket finished and written up, also delivered to the recipient, I think he has been waiting long enough!

The majority of this blanket has been completed and I am delighted with the colour combinations, so much so I have made two and am contemplating a third.  Although having toyed with edging ideas, I wanted it to be fairly masculine, most of my attempts were frilly and feminine, hence the delay and that irritating feeling of "No that doesn't feel quite right".  Pattern writing has been fun, (written roughly for Amy, my lovely crochet sampler, who makes up the large expanse of the design) revisiting my notes was a challenge, but once I started working on some of the corner pieces and colour sections it all came flooding back, giving me renewed vigour and the thought of starting to explore edgings is begin to excite me again.

Inspiration: Little Henry who lives on our street bonny little chap, smiley and happy, hence the sunny colour included in the design. Henry is also the recipient.  We are a family of Arsenal supporters as are some of Henry's family so couldn't resist changing the name of the blanket to 'Henri'
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK, 'a throw in the washing machine yarn', ideal for a kiddies blanket.
Design Idea:  Four colour design, I wanted a pattern edge top and bottom so it looks almost like a fold back on a blanket.  The plain square has a lacy effect so I wanted to feature that too hence a large block of single colour.
Difficulty:  Proficient Beginners/Intermediate.